20+ Photoshop Fails That Are So Bad, They’re Good

It seems like just about anyone can use Photoshop these days!

If they’re not using the name brand program, they’re using something else to edit photos. There are millions of filters we can use to alter our appearance on social media.

But Photoshop can literally erase parts of the human anatomy! We often hear about complaints of too much Photoshop when it comes to models in magazines.

It isn’t just models who are Photoshopped though. While some Photoshop jobs are done in good taste and appear effortless, there are more Photoshop fails that we can count.

How is it that these Photoshop fails made it to print? Some of these are so bad, you can’t help but laugh at how good they are!

1. Did someone forget that you can see through banisters?

Source: Imgur

2. This swimmer that has a really, really long arm

Source: Reddit

3. Finally, this woman has a shower that works perfectly with her broken neck

Source: Reddit

4. This Photoshop fail takes a keen eye to spot

Source: Reddit

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